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Munster Animal Hospital is pleased to serve Munster, IN and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you and your pets with the best veterinary experience possible.

At Munster Animal Hospital, everyone is considered a leader and an integral member of the health care delivery team. Every day at Munster Animal Hospital, it is our friendly team’s responsibility to help make your veterinary experience a positive one to ensure that both you and your pet are at ease. In addition to mandatory veterinary knowledge and training, our team is selected for kindness, compassion, patience, professionalism, integrity, and agility.

We are here for you, we are here for your pet, and we are your neighborhood’s favorite vet. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (219) 924-0101 to request your pet’s appointment!

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At Munster Animal Hospital, you can expect state of the art medical care for your pet. We believe in nurturing the human-pet bond and creating a harmonious relationship between people and pets. You can expect to be greeted by a courteous receptionist, clean exam rooms, friendly doctors, and caring technicians. We appreciate the role we get to play in your pets’ health care.

If you have any questions or comments about how we can care for your pet, please contact us today at (219) 924-0101.

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Dr. Won


According to Dr. Won Han, “There are many ways to build a community. At Munster Animal Hospital, our main goal is to care for our pet companions and to put their owners at ease. The care of pets, through disease prevention and treatment, is our chief concern and focus. It is our desire to see our patients experience a more joyful life and to see their owners experience peace of mind in the process.”
Check out the article from Voyage Chicago to learn more about Dr. Han.



Dr. Han has been a DVM since 1987. He enjoys the problem solving involved in Veterinarian Medicine and seeing the joy that pets bring to their families. He and his family have two dogs; “ Penny” an English Bulldog & Pug Mix and “Baby Bear” a Miniature Poodle & Maltese Mix.

Dr. Michael


Dr. Foster is a Purdue University Alumni. He has been practicing medicine since 1974 and has been at Munster Animal Hospital since 1996.


Registered Veterinary Technician

After graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2007. She continued her education at the Vet Institute at Fox Valley College and received an Associate of Applied Science as a Veterinary Technician in 2010. From there, she joined the Munster Animal Hospital team in 2011. Jessica, has always had a love and compassion for animals since she was a little girl, so it serves her right to do what she loves everyday. In her free time, she enjoys baking sweet treats, attending concerts, and going to comic cons. She also really enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, family, and ‘Fur Babies.’ She has 2 cats: Yoda a.k.a Yoda Butt, is a orange and white domestic short haired kitty who is 4 years old, and loves to perch on his cat tree. Prince a.k.a Princey Poo who is 4 years old as well, is a black and white domestic short haired cat, who enjoys playing fetch with his brother and snuggling with mom and dad.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Melissa is a Purdue University graduate and is a Registered Veterinary Technician with over 20 years of experience. She started at Munster Animal Hospital in February 1995. She loves working with animals because their love is unconditional. In her free time, she enjoys doing ‘Mom Stuff.’ She has 3 children: Vince, Violet, and Veronica. Her other children include her ‘Fur babies:’ – She has 5 dogs (Stew, Missie, Lilly, Dexter, and Wrigley), an assortment of barn animals including 5 goats and a hoarse, and certainly not least, a bunch of kitties that she cares for in her barn, that made their ways into her heart.


Vet Assistant

Lisa joined Munster Animal Hospital in 2000. She decided to pursue a career with animals, because they put a huge smile on her face, and make everything seem better. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her daughter, playing board games, and taking their dogs for walks when the weather is nice enough to do so. She has 3 dogs: Meeko who is a 4 year old Rottweiler (Love of her life), Simba who is a 10 year old Golden/Chow Chow mix (golden with the blue tongue), and last but not least Gemini who is a 6 year old pit bull who surely runs the house.


Vet Assistant

Kevin joined our Munster Animal Hospital team in August of 2015. He started working with animals because he gets a great feeling out of helping them. Not to mention he has a special knack for it and they keep him on his toes. He enjoys learning new things that only comes with working hands on with animals. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging with his wife and family, watching movies, and playing video games. Kevin has 2 cats, that make him the ‘Cat Dad’ he is today. Sushi is a 7 year old Siamese mix, and is certainly dad’s princess. Lucy is a 2 year old orange/white tabby and is the baby of the family.


Vet Assistant

Bio coming soon!


Vet Assistant

Amanda started working at Munster Animal Hospital in June of 2017. She began working with animals because she grew up with many pets of her own as a kid, and always wanted to take care of them and keep them healthy. In her free time, she hangs with her kids doing everything from homework to house stuff. When her and her family have the time, they really enjoy taking family trips to target. (Who doesn’t love Target?) Adding to her 2 kids are her ‘Fur Babies.’ Bolo is a big beefy pitbull, who loves to snuggle and is the epitome of an airhead. Chuy who is a chihuahua is the man of the house. Pico, a slider turtle, who Amanda found crossing the road when he was just a baby. Lastly, Baby, a 15 year old cockatoo who is her childhood pet.



Debbie began working at Munster Animal Hospital in August of 2015. She started working with animals because she has always been a huge animal lover. She feels very blessed to be able to have a job that focuses around caring for them. In her free time, she loves to spend her time outdoors (weather permitting) and doing yard work. When she is not doing those things, she loves spending quality time with her daughter, siblings, family, and her pets. Debbie has 4 pets that fulfill her life. Chloe, a 14 year old beagle/basset hound mix, a.k.a the ‘psycho’ of the pack, she is best known for keeping everything very interesting. Lizzie, a 12 year old chihuahua is the toughest of the bunch. She is definitely a cuddle bug but doesn’t let the others push her around, especially with her being the smallest. Last of the gang are her 2 cats, Loki and Thor. These 2 kitties gave Debbie her first shot at being a cat mom, and she could not have lucked out with a better pair.


Office/ Reception Manager

Bio Coming Soon!


Reception Supervisor

Bio Coming Soon!


Assistant Reception Supervisor

Jennifer began working at Munster Animal Hospital in June of 2015. She began working with animals because she has always had such a love for them. As a child, she would bring all the strays in the neighborhood home, so she knew this was her calling. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and ‘Fur Kids.’ Jennifer has 4 human children who are older now, so she thoroughly enjoys the time she gets with them. She also shares her home with 3 dogs: Lulu who is a 11 year old Schnoodle, also know as the sassy lady of the group. It is believed that you can not have too much fun when the ‘grandma’ is around, because she keeps everyone in order. Next 4 legged friend is Zoey, a 4 year old Labrador/Weimaraner that loves to play ball and is the energy of the house. Keeping with the 4 legged children is Ivy, a 2 year old pitbull that was adopted from the Hunane Society of Nowthwest Indiana. She has the best smile and is the 60 pound lab dog of the family. Lastly but not least is a turtle named Tortilla, that her son brought home.


Reception Team

Araceli started her career at Munster Animal Hospital in November of 2018. She began working with animals because it has always been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. She is very excited to be able to fulfill that dream at Munster Animal Hospital. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her daughter and boyfriend. She also enjoys painting and designing her nails as well as doing her makeup. She shares her home with 2 cats. Patches and Payton are 15 year old sisters from the same litter. Patches enjoys outdoor adventures (with supervision), while Payton loves to be inside snoozing the day away. Payton has a very special bond with Araceli’s daughter because every monring, she sits in the chair with her while she eats her breakfast.


Kennel Manager

Bio Coming Soon!



Anna has been working at Munster Animal Hospital since March of 2017. She enjoys working with animals because no matter what, they always seem to put you in a better mood. When she is not working, she enjoys exercising, watching her favorite shows, and spending time with her loved ones. She has 5 pets that bring her so much joy: Max a Pomeranian/Schnauzer mix. Fiona, Louie, and Holly which are all rabbits. Lastly, but certainly not least, Nigel my bearded dragon.


Kennel Staff

How long have you worked here at Munster Animal Hospital? Since 2016. Why do you like working with animals? They are truly a good time. I love getting to interact with the various breeds and personalities. I’ve always loved animals since I was a kid. What do you do in your free time? I love to hang out with my family. Watch food network and Grey’s Anatomy. Of course raise my 2 year old Elliot and we are expecting our second child as well. How many animals do you have? I have Nina a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles. She loves belly rubs and stealing food when we are not looking. Just adopted two brother and sister kittens named Gisele and Jasper. They are obsessed with water and love jumping into the bath tub.



How long have you worked at Munster Animal Hospital? Since 2007. Why do you like working with animals? I’ve been around animals my entire life and always knew animal care would be my career path. I’ve been working with animals professionally since I was 16. Before that I spent my childhood summers at my grandparents farm in Tennessee. Why do you do in your free time? Absolutely anything outside. Such as the beach, hiking with my dogs. I also have a passion for planting trees and gardening. In the winter time though I am a hermit. How many animals do you have? We have two golden retrievers that run our household. Clifford is 6 years old and Hugo is 4 years old. There is also Alex who is the cutest shih tzu ever and Chyna who is a 6 year old collie mix who loves to herd our small colony of cats.



Bio coming soon!

What Our Clients Are Saying


Steven P.

I've been going here for as long as I can remember. Very nice staff and facility. I trust them with all my pets. They seem to get very busy though so have patience.

Angie P.

They were very informative and helpful. I was in and out. My girls are all up to date and I was given their upcoming schedule. I am officially transferring them. This was them all alert on the way and the anxiety drained them on the way home.


The most clean vet you will ever see! The staff is friendly and understanding and won't cut corners for your lil furry baby. It's worth the drive to Munster from Illinois for this vet!!

Thomas M.

They were excellent. My wife and I picked up a stray in the middle of I 65. We brought her here for a checkup. They got us right in and the groomer’s found a spot to get her in and removed over 30 ticks. I would highly recommend them.

Christina H.

First time and I loved that it’s a walk in vet office . No appointment required which is awesome . Went for my puppy Finns vaccinations . Very fast . You call to sign in and I only waited for about 25 minutes . At the end of the appointment I received tons of freebies for my puppies first visit !! Thank you !
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